The Church is the Prodigal Family

Posted on June 18, 2012


As I am still not at liberty to post a new article, I offer these words. If you have not read this article on the Prodigal Family, I invite you to do so and share your thoughts on the matter.

The Church is the Prodigal Family

See full size image of this painting here.

In the grime of swine and filth
I am come to him—myself
My own heart now screams for peace
My own soul must be released 

From this mud now caked and breaking
All my air is poison making
I rise forsooth in trembling footfalls
Is there still a place for me?  

O my son, my dear, my life
How have I grieved thee—what have I done?
My father’s heart burns for the sight of thee
Coming down through the hilltop trees 

If I saw him I would dash
For I sit in sackcloth and ash
Beseeching Him from whence I come
To blot me out, but save my son 

Oh father, can you not see me?
Who deserves the head of the table?
Why do you weep over this lost son
For I kept the precepts and customs 

I have preserved the rites and rules
I have been kept without spot
I should have the most excellent lot
Why do you embrace that prodigal son?