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10 Lessons the Orthodox Church can learn from their rapprochement with the Miaphysites

May 9, 2013


If the Orthodox Church can heal a 1500 year schism, they are indeed an ecumenical Church–but the Chalcedonian exclusivist ecclesiology must go. In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, amen. Suscipe, Sancte Pater. Since 1964 and before, the near-longest division in the history of the Church—between the Chalcedonian Orthodox and the Miaphysites, dated from […]

Timeline of Chalcedonian-Miaphysite Reconciliation

May 9, 2013


NOTE: a major point on this timeline lacking is the period from 1993-present. If anyone can point me to better information about progress since then toward full communion, it would be most appreciated  Chalcedonian Orthodox Joint Cooperation Non-Chalcedonian (Miaphysite) Orthodox 1902 Joachim III’s Encyclical on Ecumenism[1]1920 To All Christians Everywhere[2]1930 Pan-Orthodox council[3] 1951 Encyclical of […]